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Grossglockner Chronicle

Silver Claws of


 Chronicle based on White Wolf's Werewolf - The Apocalypse. Chronicle is located in Austria, Hohe Tauern's national park. To be more exact, In to town of Heiligenblut. Heiligenblut is near to Austria's highest point, Grossglockner, which also gave the name to chronicle. Game started at 7th January 2001, which is 10th of November 2000, in time familiar to us..

These pages are dedicated only to our chronicle and it's quite hard to find any overall information about Werewolf or roleplaying games. Site's idea is to support storytellers with ideas and to be our "Caern" in real life. We also tested the idea of in-game message forum, to bring in more dimension to our game. Later on u may find more diaries and storylines, but that's when we got time. Playing comes first =).

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Latest SCOG updates 21st of Oct. 2004 (Forum)

Latest non-SCOG updates 18th of Oct. 2004
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